KUMIITA is an educational toy designed for 0 to 3 year olds to teach them the concepts of programming. By providing a language-less and hands-on experience in the form of a puzzle game, children are accustomed to programming from a young age. KUMIITA cultivates the basic thinking patterns and logic behind programming in children by allowing them to physically assemble command panels and see how the resulting programs are executed - and why they fail at times, as well. Failed programs can also be fixed by rearranging the panels in various ways, allowing children to figure out new solutions for themselves.

Kumiita was created to realize the CEO Toshi’ s vision “Prosperous future through technology” by providing children with opportunities to be familiar with programming so that they would become future programmers, or use their knowledge and concepts of programming as a tool for their better future.

The robot that will scan the panels and perform commands based on the scan.

The panels used to give instructions to KUMIITA.

By expanding the variety of command panels in the future, we hope to further inspire children by representing the endless possibilities of programming.

KUMIITA is an independent project by distinguished creators brought together by Toshi's vision to realize a prosperous future through technology.

Our designer, Hiro, has won numerous international awards home appliance design, and is an experience crowdfunder including work on the design of VIE SHAIR, which collected over $170,000 through Kickstarter. Nobu, our engineer, is a professional in the field of networking together software and hardware systems. He was head of engineering for the VIE SHAIR project, working together with Hiro. Tomo is in charge of mass production and is a multi-player who helped with the software and hardware design, manufacture, and mass production. He is also active as our office manager.

After the project was launched in November 2016, we have overcome a number of issues, including improving the accuracy of the pattern code recognition technology. It was only a staggering six months that we were able to launch the product, as each member worked to bring Toshi's vision together.

We have already verified the operation on the prototype, but to put our product into mass production, we need $30,000 for die and manufacturing costs. We thank you for your support and hope you will share in our vision.

Our potential obstacles include delays in production due to circumstances regarding the printing companies and mass production suppliers we work with.

We have built a schedule well prepared to cope with any such issues if they arise, however if such delay would occur for unexpected reasons, we will communicate with backers to clarify the situation.

Rewards read "ships anywhere in the world", however our shipping service may not be able to send rewards to regions affected by conflict or natural disaster. In these cases, we would kindly ask for an alternative address.