Customer Reviews
My child is playing crazy every day.
I like KUMIITA, but my wife and daughter like it even more. (New York)
The childs loves it, and they never leave it.
He's playing every day with that great game. (Australia)
Litle by litle my child become able to understand the operation of the panel and is looking forward coming home everyday.
It was amazing there was a product that could teach ethical thinking.
Them are always fighting to play with Kumiita, send to us another one.(Hong Kong)
IF statement can be implemented, can add panels as them grow. Like the quality and safety products that makes them able to play from 0 years old (7 months) (Denmark)
Our children is playing everyday with it and lost the start panel, could you please send us another start panel urgently?(France)
Where it could be purchased(USA, Australia, Chile)