Programming for
ages 7 months & up!
Instruction manual(English)
For Ages 7 Months & Up
Connect the Panels to Code
A Design to Execution Experience
Conditional Branch Comprehension
Repeated Attempts Build Problem Solving Skills
Limitless Play Options
Development Adaptation Series
A Software Development Company
KUMIITA's basics are easy! Arrange the panels to make your own course and set KUMIITA on the Start Panel. That's it! While easy to play, the point is how to arrange the panels so KUMIITA reaches the goal. Be it a simple arrangement or a complex one, there are so many routes you can take.
The Beginner Panel Set comes with 40 panels in 30 panel varieties.
The panels have pictures on them with matching program data that KUMIITA reads and then executes.
(Have a little fun with the panels here on the site!)
Start x1
Here we go! The adventure starts with the go signal! With the start tone, KUMIITA will move in the direction of the arrow.
Goal x1
KUMIITA loves reaching the goal! KUMIITA plays a fanfare, blinking blue, red, green and yellow.
Go x6
KUMIITA moves in the direction of the arrow. Enjoy the adventure arranging panels where you want KUMIITA to go.
Spin x2
KUMIITA spins clockwise one time and moves happily on.
Color Node x4
KUMIITA moves in the same direction as the color of its stripes. Try arranging the panels to have KUMIITA go different directions.
Random x2
A mysterious panel that chooses a Color Change, Instrument or Animal Panel.What will happen? Try it and find out!
Music Replay (1 time, 3 times) x1each
KUMIITA replays the notes it has passed over when coming to this panel. One replay for a single note Note Panel, and a triple replay for the three note Note Panel.After the performance, KUMIITA goes happily on its way. Repeat your favorite sounds with this panel.
Color Change (blue, red, green, yellow) x1each
Choose from blue, yellow, red and green. KUMIITA's stripes will glow the same color! *Touch these panels to make KUMIITA change color. Now touch the Color Node Panel and see what happens!
Animal (elephant, lion, cat, chicken) x1each
KUMIITA makes the sound of the pictured animal. Enjoy all the animal sounds!
*Click to hear the sound.
Instrument (piano, xylophone, trumpet, accordion, cymbal) x1each
KUMIITA plays the sound of the pictured instrument. When followed by a Note Panel, the tone will change. Arrange Note Panels for a fun performance!
*Click to hear the sound.
Music Note (one for each note)
KUMIITA plays the do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do (one octave higher) notes. The notes change with the Instrument Panels. Play your own melody with KUMIITA!
*Click to hear the sound.
KUMIITA Beginner Panel Set
KUMIITA Beginner Panel Set
The basic set includes KUMIITA and 40 panels (30 panel varieties).
 For Ages0 (7 Months) and up 
KUMIITA Carry Pouch
Carry Pouch to store KUMIITA. Picking up afterwards is good training too!
 For Ages 3 and up 
KUMIITA Adventure Kit
Goes with Beginner Panel Set for more ways to learn and have fun.
 For Ages3 and up 
Coming soon
Age recommendations differ for each product.
Please see individual product details.
KUMIITA passed the safety standards of the Japan Toy Association to obtain the "ST Mark" (Safety Toy Mark) certification.

Product is made from materials that are safe even if licked, and food sanitation inspection was passed.
4 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately) are recommended for the KUMIITA unit.
Approximately 6 hours of operation.
Product is not waterproof.
In the future, KUMIITA will grow with a series of products that will offer new learning possibilities.
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