Before You Buy
battery replacement
4 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately) are recommended for the KUMIITA Unit.
Approximately 6 hours of operation.
Product is not waterproof.
KUMIITA passed the safety standards of the Japan Toy Association and obtained the "ST Mark" (Safety Toy Mark) certification.

It is made of lick-safe materials and passed inspections under the Food Sanitation Law.
After You Buy
Beginner Panel Set
How to take out a panel
At first, take KUMIITA and Panels out of the box.
Please take the Panels out of the box using the white strip.
how to put away
The Start Panel and the Goal Panel are very important. Be sure to put them away as a set.
Bundle the Panels in a set of 10 pieces, put them in the white strip, and place in the box.
Description of the Kumita unit
The power switch is at the bottom of the KUMIITA unit.
Panel layout rules
Error when it comes off the panel
Always use the Start Panel and the Goal Panel, and arrange the Panels from the Start Panel to the Goal Panel.
What if KUMIITA goes off course?
When KUMIITA Unit veers off course, it will blink red and chime an error sound.
Signal when battery capacity is low
When KUMIITA Unit's batteries are running low, it will blink red and yellow, and notify you by sound.
When placed anywhere other than the Start panel
Always start KUMIITA Unit on the Start Panel.
To experience the fundamentals of programming, KUMIITA Unit must always be set on the Start Panel to begin.
Pick up KUMIITA Unit and hold for 2 seconds, then set on the Start Panel.
How to change the volume (Hold over the illustration in the manual)
How to change the volume (operate the volume control switch)
KUMIITA Unit has three volume levels: loud, medium and quiet.
Printed on the instruction manual (included) are icons to adjust the volume. These icons are located on the lower right back side of the instruction manual.
Pass KUMIITA Unit over these icons and a sensor on the bottom of KUMIITA Unit will read the icons and adjust the volume accordingly.
There is also an inset volume switch located on the bottom of KUMIITA Unit. Push with a thin, pin-like object to adjust the volume.
Auto power off
KUMIITA Unit is equipped with an auto power down feature that will give a chime notification then automatically shut OFF the power when KUMIITA Unit is at rest for 3 minutes with the power switch in the ON position.
If KUMIITA Unit automatically powers down, set the power switch located on the bottom to OFF and then back to ON to restart.
Description of the Kumita unit
If you think KUMIITA Unit's movement has become erratic, check the rollers (the ball parts that let KUMIITA Unit move).
Moving them around with a finger, check for dirt, dust and grime. If the rollers appear dirty, clean by removing or wiping off unwanted material.
About the panel structure
The program data is imprinted on the panels.
If the panel surface becomes dirty, wipe clean.
Please note that the panels may become unreadable if scratched or dented, so please use with care.
Carry Pouch
The Carry Pouch is washable under special care instructions.
Please see the "How To Care For Your KUMIITA Carry Pouch" PDF for instructions.
When storing, keep out of direct sunlight. Put in a durable cardboard box or other container. Use of an odorless (product will retain scent otherwise) moth-repellent is also recommended.